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On the world wide web there's a place for everything. There's a place for TV series, there's a place for westerns and there are places to see and watch western movies and series. Also, with IMDb, there's a place that gives a lot of information about movies and series that revive the old Wild West. It is, however, a place that gives people information and not so much a place that makes it possible to let people share information.

A Wiki allows people to write about their interests and share their opinions and experiences in an easy way, by creating and correcting articles as well as by posting comments. The Western Series Wiki makes this possible when it comes to TV series that are labeled as westerns since the 40's and 50's of the last century. A Wiki created for western fans, and made by even bigger fans...

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Hopefully, this Wiki of western series sooner or later will give a lot of information about a lot of different western series. It would be great to have an overview of all episodes of the most interesting series and to create a database with a lot of information about characters, actors, directors, tv-broadcasts and many more interesting facts about the most popular TV shows of our heroes of the West.

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Please create an article (or leave a comment) to show your interest or share your knowledge of TV's biggest western heroes and their shows.

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