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The Innocent is the fourth episode of the third and final season of How the West Was Won. It first aired on February 12, 1979. 


Josh becomes involved with a rivalry over a ferry business when he befriends Cora Johnson and her son, operators of a ferry crossing. The fight becomes more complicated when her retarded son, Willie is accused of maliciously shooting a man in the leg. - Source:



The Family MacahanEdit

Guest starringEdit


Crew (and other credits)Edit

Closing creditsEdit

"Charles M. Russell Paintings Courtesy of:
  • C. M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana
  • Mackay Gallery, Montana Historical Society
  • Brown & Bigelow, A Saxon Company"
"Filmed in METROCOLOR | Titles and Opticals MGM | Panaflex Camera and Lenses by PANAVISION"
"A John Mantley Production"
"In Association With MGM Television"


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