The Day the Wolf Laughed is the eleventh episode of Shane. It first aired on November 19, 1966. 


A gang of outlaws rides into town and causes so much ruckus that Grafton sends for Ryker, but that's before Shane begs him to let the men have their fun for two days, pay for the damages, then ride out. It turns out that Shane and the head outlaw go way back, and a declaration was made that they would end up killing each other someday. After Ryker arrives, words are exchanged, and Ryker and his men go to have a showdown with the gang. The end results are not pleasant. Since Shane didn't hold up his end of the bargain, the leader of the gang decide to take revenge. There's only one thing that could make Shane face this man head on, and that one thing has happened. - Source:


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"A Presentation of Titus Productions, Inc. | Filmed at Paramount Studios, Hollywood"


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