Shane was a TV-series of 1 season that ran from september 10, 1966 to december 31, 1966.

Based on the 1949 novel by Jack Schaefer, which was translated into over thirty languages and inspired the award-winning 1953 film, the series expands upon the well-known story yet also honors the spirit of the source material. (Timeless Media Group)


After the death of her husband, Marian Starett takes on the arduous task of both raising a son, Joey, and protecting her farm from ruthless land baron Ryker. Nomadic gunfighter Shane decides to hire on with Marian as a cowhand, and, at the same time, serve as a father figure for little Joey. - Source:


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Listed below are the show's stars, recurring co-stars, guest stars and recurring supporting actors. They are named along with the name of the character they played on the show, as well as the number of appearances and the times they were credited. They are listed in order of number of appearances.


Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Shane David Carradine 17 17
David Carradine
Marian Jill Ireland 17 17
Jill Ireland
Tom Starett Tom Tully 17 17
Tom Tully
Joey Chris Shea 17 17
Shane - A Man'd Be Proud - Image 1

Recurring Co-starsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Ryker Bert Freed 15 16
Bert Freed
Grafton Sam Gilman 14 15

Guest starsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Maj. Hackett Bradford Dillman 2 2
Barney Lucas Joseph Campanella 1 1
Reno J. D. Cannon 1 1
Tom Gary Robert Duvall 1 1
Shane - Poor Tom's A-Cold - Image 7
Longhorn Jenny Constance Ford 1 1
Kyle Jack Ging 1 1
Johnny Wake Don Gordon 1 1
R. G. Posey Steve Ihnat 1 1
Lydia Montgomery Joanne Linville 1 1
Kemp Warren Oates 1 1
Joshua Spicer Cliff Osmond 1 1
Harry Himber James Whitmore 1 1

To show in which episode these guest stars appeared, their names are also included in the list of episodes.

Recurring supporting actorsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Ben Owen Bush 9 9
Shane - The Distant Bell - Ben
Harve Lawrence Mann 6 6
Shane - The Distant Bell - Harve
Chips Ned Romero 6 6
Shane - The Hant - Drover 1

All actors (stars, co-stars, guest stars, recurring actors and supporting actors) credited during the one and only season of the series are listed here, in order of no. of appearances.

Crew (and other credits)Edit

Executive ProducerEdit

Name Credits
David Shaw 17
David Shaw


Name Credits
Denne Bart Petitclerc 17
Denne Bart Petitclerc


Name Credits
William Blinn 4
William Blinn
Ernest Kinoy 4
Denne Bart Petitclerc 3
Denne Bart Petitclerc
David Shaw 3
David Shaw
Ellen M. Violett 2
Ronald M. Cohen 1
Robert Hardin 1
Richard McDonagh 1
Peter Nasco 1
Philip Reisman, Jr. 1
John Tanner 1
Barbara Torgan 1


Name Credits
Alex March 3
David Greene 2
Gerald Mayer 2
Gerd Oswald 2
John Brahm 1
Robert Butler 1
Robert Butler
Marc Daniels 1
Herschel Daugherty 1
Jeffrey Hayden 1
Don McDougall 1
Gary Nelson 1
Jud Taylor 1


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Season 1Edit

No. Name Air date Guest star
1 The Distant Bell September 10, 1966
The Distant Bell
2 The Hant September 17, 1966
The Hant
3 The Wild Geese September 24, 1966
The Wild Geese
Don Gordon
4 An Echo of Anger October 1, 1966
An Echo of Anger

Warren Oates,
Cliff Osmond

5 The Bitter, the Lonely October 8, 1966
The Bitter, the Lonely
Steve Ihnat
6 Killer in the Valley October 15, 1966
Killer in the Valley
Joseph Campanella
7 Day of the Hawk October 22, 1966
Day of the Hawk
James Whitmore
8 The Other Image October 29, 1966
The Other Image
9 Poor Tom's A-Cold November 5, 1966
Poor Tom's A-Cold
Robert Duvall
10 High Road to Viator November 12, 1966
High Road to Viator
11 The Day the Wolf Laughed November 19, 1966
The Day the Wolf Laughed
J. D. Cannon
12 The Silent Gift November 26, 1966
The Silent Gift
Jack Ging
13 A Long Night of Mourning December 3, 1966
A Long Night of Mourning
Joanne Linville
14 The Big Fifty December 10, 1966
The Big Fifty
15 The Great Invasion: Part 1 December 17, 1966
The Great Invasion - Part 1

Bradford Dillman,
Constance Ford

16 The Great Invasion: Part 2 December 24, 1966
The Great Invasion - Part 2
Bradford Dillman
17 A Man'd Be Proud December 31, 1966
A Man'd Be Proud


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