Rider on the Hill is the second episode of the first and only season of Whiplash. It first aired on February 25, 1961.


Opening linesEdit

Australia 1840...

...travellers who ventured into the trackless outback found an uncivilized wilderness - peopled by outlaws, known as bushrangers... swagmen, itinerant wanderers... and native aborigines... a vast land of mystery and superstition, where lonely stage roads served as the only means of communication.


The coach driven by Dan and Chis is wrecked when it runs into a heavy chain deliberately placed in the road by a gang of bushrangers. The passenger is killed in the crash and Cobb kills two of the outlaws in self-defense. After Chris returns to Bathurst, he receives an Aboriginal death-stick, marking him to die at the next full moon. Although Dan urges him to remain in town, Chris decides to meet the curse - and the man who wants revenge and drives three passengers, a convict, his guard and a pretty woman deep into the heart of the outback to confront his would-be killer. - Source:



Supporting castEdit

Crew (and other credits)Edit

Closing creditsEdit

"An ITC World Wide Distribution"


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