The fifth season of Rawhide ran from September 21, 1962 to May 24, 1963.


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Listed below are the stars, recurring co-stars, (special) guest stars, co-starring guests and recurring supporting actors of the fourth season. They are named along with the name of the character(s) they played on the show, as well as the number of appearances and the times they were credited. They are listed in order of number of appearances.


Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Wishbone Paul Brinegar 28 30
Paul Brinegar
Rowdy Yates Clint Eastwood 27 30
Rowdy Yates
Gil Favor Eric Fleming 26 30
Eric Fleming
Clay Forrester Charles Gray* 13 30
Clay Forrester

* Also credited as writer

Recurring Co-starsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Jim Quince Steve Raines 29 30
Steve Raines
Joe Scarlet Rocky Shahan 28 29
Rocky Shahan
Hey Soos Robert Cabal 27 30
Robert Cabal
Mushy James Murdock 26 29
James Murdock

(Special) Guest StarsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Don Francisco Maldenado Cesar Romero 1 1
Don Francisco Maldenado
Alexander Langford Claude Rains 1 1
Alexander Langford
Cannon Dan Duryea 1 1
Owen Spencer James Gregory 1 1
Owen Spencer
Sergeant Joe Duclos James Whitmore 1 1
Sergeant Joe Duclos
Frank Trask John Ireland 1 1
Frank Trask
Simon Royce Keenan Wynn 1 1
Simon Royce
John Shepard Mark Stevens 1 1
John Shepard
Morris G. Stevens Eddie Bracken 1 1
Morris G. Stevens
Lije Crowning Edward Andrews 1 1
Lije Crowning
Ben Kerran John Dehner* 1 1
Ben Kerran
Domingo Nehemiah Persoff 1 1
Abigail Fletcher Patricia Barry 1 1
Abigail Fletcher
Sara May Green Patricia Crowley 1 1
Sara May Green
Maria Jose Chappala Robbert Loggia 1 1
Maria Jose Chappala
Lazio Tzgorni Walter Slezak 1 1
Lazio Tzgorni

* Also appeared as a co-starring guest

To show in which episode the guest stars appeared their names are also included in the list of episodes.

Co-starring guestsEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
John Landy/
Big Sam Talbot
Arch Johnson 2 2
John Landy
Della Locke
Beverly Garland 2 2
Della Locke
Gus Marsdon/
Sergeant Parker
Claude Akins 2 2
Gus Marsdon
Roy Kane
Gregory Walcott 2 2
Roy Kane
Art Fuller/
Willie Cain
James Best 2 2
Art Fuller
Sheila Delancy/
Ruta Lee 2 2
John Day and Rivers Albert Salmi 1 1
John Day - Rivers
Sheriff Art Harris Arthur Franz 1 1
Sheriff Art Harris
Ben Whitney Carl Reindel 1 1
Ben Whitney
Antonio Chavez Carlos Romero* 1 1
Antonio Chavez
Georgia Constance Ford 1 1
Rachel Shay Diana Millay 1 1
Rachel Shay
Sam Weber Ed Nelson 1 1
Sam Weber
Dr. Walter Harper Everett Sloane 1 1
Dr. Walter Harper
Lissa Hobson Fay Spain 1 1
Lissa Hobson
Sam Hargis Gene Evans 1 1
Sam Hargis
Frank Slade George Brenlin 1 1
Frank Slade
Harry Maxton Harold J. Stone 1 1
Harry Maxton
Matt Cannon Jack Grinnage 1 1
Matt Cannon
Mort Henry James Westerfield 1 1
Mort Henry
Kate Merrill Jeanne Cooper 1 1
Kate Merrill
Amy Jena Engstrom 1 1
Capt. Francis Cabot John Dehner** 1 1
Capt. Francis Cabot
Private Vasily Kandinsky John Doucette 1 1
Private Vasily Kandinsky
Sam Garrett John Larch 1 1
Sam Garrett
Beaumont Butler John Vivyan 1 1
Beaumont Butler
Poke Tolliver King Donovan 1 1
Poke Tolliver
Yellow Sky Leslie Wales 1 1
Yellow Sky
Rock Lon Chaney 1 1
Inez Maldenado Madlyn Rhue 1 1
Inez Maldenado
Alfredo Maldenado Michael Ansara 1 1
Alfredo Maldenado
Marion Curtis Nina Shipman* 1 1
Marion Curtis
Delilah Nita Talbot 1 1
Julie Cannon Patty McCormack 1 1
Julie Cannon
Luther Cannon Paul Carr 1 1
Luther Cannon
Gantry Hobson R. G. Armstrong 1 1
Gantry Hobson
Cole Striker Richard Devon 1 1
Cole Striker
Josh Green Robert Middleton 1 1
Josh Green
Tom Gault Robert Wilke* 1 1
Tom Gault
Frank Louden Ron Hayes 1 1
Frank Louden
Monty Fox Royal Dano 1 1
Monty Fox
Burt Harvey Russell Johnson 1 1
Burt Harvey
Judy Hall Susan Oliver 1 1
Judy Hall
Winter Night Suzanne Cupito 1 1
Winter Night
Lieutenant Carter William Schallert 1 1
Lieutenant Carter

* Also appeared as supporting actor/actress

** Also appeared as guest star

Recurring supporting actors/actressesEdit

Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Toothless William Thompkins 5* 5
Jenkins Hal Baylor 3* 3

* Uncredited appearances not included (yet)

Crew (and other credits)Edit


Name Credits
Charles Larson 5
Paul King 5
Al C. Ward 2
Albert Aley 2
Dean Riesner 2
Joseph Petracca 2
Richard Fielder 2
William L. Stuart 2
Charles Gray* 1
Clay Forrester
D. D. Beauchamp 1
Ed Adamson 1
Edward J. Lasko 1
Fred Freiberger 1
Gene L. Coon 1
Jack Turley 1
John Dunkel 1
Kathleen Freeman 1
Michael Gleason 1
Raphael Hayes 1
Richard Landau 1
Shimon Wincelber 1
Thomas Thompson 1
Tom Seller 1
Ward Hawkins 1
William Blinn 1
William Blinn
William Driskill 1
Winston Miller 1

* Also appeared as star of the series


Name Credits
Thomas Carr 13
Don McDougall 9
Christian Nyby 7
Ted Post 1


Name Credits
Vincent M. Fennelly 30


No. Name Air date Guest star
1 Incident of El Toro September 21, 1962
Incident of El Toro
2 Incident of the Hunter September 28, 1962
Incident of the Hunter
Mark Stevens
3 Incident of the Portrait October 5, 1962
Incident of the Portrait
John Ireland
4 Incident at Cactus Wells October 12, 1962
Incident at Cactus Wells
Keenan Wynn
5 Incident of the Prodigal Son October 19, 1962
Incident of the Prodigal Son
6 Incident of the Four Horsemen October 26, 1962
Incident of the Four Horsemen
John Dehner
7 Incident of the Lost Woman November 2, 1962
Incident of the Lost Woman
8 Incident of the Dogfaces November 9, 1962
Incident of the Dogfaces
James Whitmore
9 Incident of the Wolvers November 16, 1962
Incident of the Wolvers
Dan Duryea
10 Incident at Sugar Creek November 23, 1962
Incident at Sugar Creek
11 Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom November 30, 1962
Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom
12 Incident of the Querencias December 7, 1962
Incident of the Querencias
Edward Andrews
13 Incident at Quivira December 14, 1962
Incident at Quivira
14 Incident of Decision December 28, 1962
Incident of Decision
15 Incident of the Buryin' Man January 4, 1963
Incident of the Buryin' Man
16 Incident of the Trail's End January 11, 1963
Incident of the Trail's End
17 Incident at Spider Rock January 18, 1963
Incident at Spider Rock
18 Incident of the Mountain Man January 25, 1963
Incident of the Mountain Man
Patricia Crowley
19 Incident at Crooked Hat February 1, 1963
Incident at Crooked Hat
James Gregory
20 Incident of Judgment Day February 8, 1963
Incident of Judgment Day
Claude Rains
21 Incident of the Gallows Tree February 22, 1963
Incident of the Gallows Tree
22 Incident of the Married Widow March 1, 1963
Incident of the Married Widow
Patricia Barry
23 Incident of the Pale Rider March 15, 1963
Incident of the Pale Rider
24 Incident of the Comanchero March 22, 1963
Incident of the Comanchero
Robbert Loggia
25 Incident of the Clown March 29, 1963
Incident of the Clown
Eddie Bracken
26 Incident of the Black Ace April 12, 1963
Incident of the Black Ace
Walter Slezak
27 Incident of the Hostages April 19, 1963
Incident of the Hostages
28 Incident of White Eyes May 3, 1963
Incident of White Eyes
Nehemia Persoff
29 Incident at Rio Doloroso May 10, 1963
Incident at Rio Doloroso
Cesar Romero
30 Incident at Alkali Sink May 24, 1963
Incident at Alkali Sink



Rawhide - Incident at Crooked Hat - Two Men Walk Into a Bar03:27

Rawhide - Incident at Crooked Hat - Two Men Walk Into a Bar

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