Provost Marshal is the first episode of the first season of How the West Was Won. It first aired on February 6, 1977. 


After watching his father die in his arms, Luke runs from the violence of the Union Army, only to get shot while trying to help a woman in distress. A sect called Simonites take Luke in and care for him while Zeb comes looking for his nephew. - Source:



The Family MacahanEdit

Guest starringEdit


The JudsonsEdit

The SoldiersEdit

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Crew (and other credits)Edit

Closing credits:Edit

"The Producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of: U.S. Forest Service, Dixie National Forest & Ron R. Kinsey, Southwest Museum"

"Filmed in METROCOLOR | Titles and Opticals MGM | Lenses and Panaflex Cameras by PANAVISION"

"An Albert S. Ruddy Production"


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