Norm Morton, portrayed by David Whorf in the Rawhide episode Incident of the Tumbleweed, is a young man from Philadelphia who joined the army. He was put in the cavalry while not being very fond of horses. When the Sergeant noticed Morton wasn't even able to shoe a horse they got in a disagreement. Morton saw it would be his word against the Sergeant's and he left/deserted the army. Later, he gets captured and is brought to Fort Gregg for trial by Marshal Wilt Jackson and his Deputy Art Gray.


Morton is not the only prisoner that's brought to justice and as the other prisoners try to escape Deputy Gray gets killed and Jackson is injured. Trail boss Gil Favor, who was closeby their camp, decides to take over and takes his ramrod Rowdy Yates with him.

On the way fellow prisoner Sinclair tries to strangle Dallas (another one of the prisoners) and Morton is able to save the latter's life.