Lonesome Dove: The Series was a TV-series of 1 season that ran from 1994 to 1995. It was followed by Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Days, that had one season as well and ran from 1995 to 1996.


The life and times of Newt Call, the young cowhand who started out as a boy in Lonesome Dove, and now goes on to make his way in the world. The post-Civil War years in the American West are among the most exciting this country has ever known. Peopled with now-mythic figures like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid and Sitting Bull, these were the golden years of the American West before the twentieth century roared in to tame the frontier once and for all. For Newt Call, the fresh-faced cowboy who was brought up with ironclad discipline by the legendary ex-Texas Ranger Captain Woodrow F. Call, this was a world which held great promise. Tangling with outlaws and bandits, revolutionaries, showmen and spirited Western women, Newt participates in all the major events of the Western era. Encountering its legendary figures and witnessing their passage into mythology, young Newt forges his destiny and begins to create a legend of his own. - Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (

Main castEdit

Actors appearing in more than 40% of all episodes.


No. Name Air date
1 O Western Wind September 26, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - O Western Wind - Image 1
2 Down Come Rain October 3, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - Down Come Rain - Image 1
3 When Wilt Thou Blow October 10, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - When Wilt Thou Blow - Image 1
4 Wild Horses October 17, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - Wild Horses - Image 1
5 Judgment Day October 24, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - Judgment Day - Image 1
6 Duty Bound October 31, 1994
Lonesome Dove The Series - Duty Bound - Image 1
7 Long Shot November 7, 1994
8 Last Stand November 14, 1994
9 Ballad of a Gunfighter November 21, 1994
10 Where the Heart Is November 28, 1994
11 Firebrand January 30, 1995
12 High Lonesome February 6, 1995
13 Law and Order February 13, 1995
14 The Road Home February 20, 1995
15 Blood Money February 27, 1995
16 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show April 24, 1995
17 Traveler May 1, 1995
18 Rebellion May 8, 1995
19 The List May 15, 1995
20 Ties That Biend May 22, 1995
21 Snowbound May 29, 1995


Lonesome Dove The Series - Intro01:02

Lonesome Dove The Series - Intro

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