Lee Dutton, played by Dave Annable, is one of the sons of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton. He never left the family ranch or business, content to follow in his father’s footsteps. - Source:

Season 1Edit

Beware of 'spoilers' from here on down!

Daybreak (episode 1)Edit

Lee is put in charge of a cattle roundup that doesn't really go as planned. The cattle has wandered over to the Broken Rock Reservation and several Indians are waiting to keep off the owners. A little skirmish almost causes men on both sides to fire their weapons but Lee aims his gun on Robert Long, one of the biggest troublemakers, and says he'll be the first to go down. Everybody calms down as John Dutton, owner of the cattle, comes flying in with his helicopter.

Later that week, Lee and his father John are riding fence and discuss the way Lee sees the cowboy life. They're interupted as one of the cows is seen giving birth and they run out to help her. After doing so, Lee makes it clear he likes the work, but isn't really interersted in the business side of cowboying.

That same day, his brother Kayce and Tate, his nephew, come over and together with John and his other brother Jamie, they go fishing. They're having a pleasant day, seeing each other for the first time in a long while.

A couple of days later, Lee and several ranch hands set off to take back the cattle by force. When his father gives the signal from his helicopter, Lee takes the men onto the reservation and they try to turn the cattle. But there's someone on the other side trying his very best to keep the cattle on their side. It turns out to be Kayce, Lee's brother. John also notices him and calls the operation off, ordering his men to retreat.

Before Lee gets a chance to ride off he's hit by a bullet coming from the gun of Robert Long. Long comes walking over and is about to pull the trigger again, but Kayce's just in time to stop him from doing so, kicking him down. Long doesn't give up and tries to shoot Kayce, but Kayce's just fast enough to save himself and kill Long, who is his brother-in-law. However, the bullet that hit Lee turns out to be fatal and a few days later he's buried at the family grave site.


Season 1Edit