Karl Lukas is an actor who made appearances in several western TV series.

Series (as actor)Edit

Gunsmoke (3 episodes)Edit

Bonanza (2 episodes)Edit

Rawhide (2 episodes)Edit

Shane (2 episodes)Edit

Barbary Coast (1 episode)Edit

The Deputy (1 episode)Edit

Guestward Ho! (1 episode)Edit

Here Come the Brides (1 episode)Edit

Iron Horse (1 episode)Edit

Johnny Ringo (1 episode)Edit

Klondike (1 episode)Edit

Lawman (1 episode)Edit

The Legend of Jesse James (1 episode)Edit

Little House on the Prairie (1 episode)Edit

The Man from Blackhawk (1 episode)Edit

Nichols (1 episode)Edit

Outlaws (1 episode)Edit

The Rifleman (1 episode)Edit

State Trooper (1 episode)Edit

Tombstone Territory (1 episode)Edit

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1 episode)Edit

Wagon Train (1 episode)Edit

Wide Country (1 episode)Edit

Yancy Derringer (1 episode)Edit


External LinksEdit

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