Incident of the Hostages is the twenty-seventh episode of the fifth season of Rawhide. It first aired on April 19, 1963.


Taking in three White children kidnapped by passing Arapahos puts the fatherly drovers in peril. Longing to return to the Apaches who raised them after white men killed their settler parents, Yellow Sky and her younger siblings resist the drovers' every step toward turning them over to authorities in the next town. Arapahos seized the children from the Apaches during tribal warfare. Widower Gil, who misses his two daughters, expects gratitude for a noble act, but the Apache chief, Ulzana, wants the children back and will fight the drovers for them, if necessary. - Source:




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"Produced by The CBS Television Network"



Rawhide - Incident of the Hostages - Clint Eastwood singing 'Rowdy'02:23

Rawhide - Incident of the Hostages - Clint Eastwood singing 'Rowdy'

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