Actor Dennis Weaver is best known of the series Gunsmoke in which he played Chester, deputy sheriff and friend of marshal Dillon. He also directed some episodes of the series.

Series (as actor)Edit

Gunsmoke (290 episodes)Edit

  • S01E01 - Matt Gets It
  • S01E02 - Hot Spell
  • And 288 more...

Centennial (12 episodes)Edit

  • S01E01 - Only the Rocks Live Forever
  • S01E02 - The Yellow Apron
  • And 10 more...

Lonesome Dove: The Series (5 episodes)Edit

The Lone Ranger (1 episode)Edit

  • S04E32 - The Tell-Tale Bullet

The Virginian (1 episode)Edit

  • S08E18 - Train of Darkness

Series (as director)Edit

Gunsmoke (4 episodes)Edit

  • S06E20 - Love Thy Neighbor
  • S06E28 - Little Girl
  • S06E33 - Hard Virtue
  • S07E13 - Marry Me

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