Dallas, portrayed by Terry Moore, turned bad when her father was hung for a murder he didn't commit during her younger years. She never could forgive what those people did to her father and has had a distaste for the law ever since. Later on she married Luke Storm and became part of his gang of outlaws.

Rawhide - Incident of the TumbleweedEdit

In the Rawhide episode Incident of the Tumbleweed Dallas meets the men of Gil Favor's cattle drive crew as she and six other prisoners are brought to Fort Gregg by Marshal Wilt Jackson and his Deputy Art Gray. When they plan an escape only one of them (Jed Ryan) gets away but the rest of them gets stopped by the cattle drovers. During the attempt to escape, Deputy Gray gets killed and Marshal Jackson is seriously injured. Favor and his ramrod Rowdy Yates take over to bring them to justice.

Along the way, as they're sitting around the camp fire, Dallas takes a piece of wood out of the fire and throws it in the bushes to distract the two cattlemen. As they are busy putting out the fire, Dallas and Sinclair, a psychothic fellow prisoner, run up a hillside. Sinclair strangles her and tries to kill her but Norm Morton, another prisoner, saves her just in time.

Jed Ryan has gone for help and Luke Storm and a few of his men almost catch up with the wagon Dallas and the other prisoners are locked up in. Favor decides to try to cross the river and lets the prisoners up on the roof to keep them from drowning. But as they're in the middle of the river he is pushed into the water and he accidentally takes Dallas with him. Favor can get back on the wagon but Dallas keeps struggling, so Favor gets back in to save her and brings her back to land.

Here she wakes up in the arms of her husband. And he says he'll make the two men pay for what they did to her. Dallas, however, tells him to spare the two drovers and kill the Englishman (Sinclair) instead after what he did to her. Luke than calls out to him and kills him in cold blood. But he's still determined to kill Favor and Yates as well. As Dallas tries to stop him from doing this she gets shot by her own husband.