James A. Michener's Centennial was a TV-(Mini)series of 1 season that ran from 1978 to 1979.


The story of the evolution of the town Centennial, Colorado, following the paths of dozens of people who come to the area for many reasons: money, freedom, or crime. It also shows the bigoted treatment of the Native Indians by the advancing US colonists. It is topped off with a murder mystery that takes 100 years to solve. - Source:

Main castEdit

Actors appearing in more than 40% of all episodes.


No. Name Air date
1 Only the Rocks Live Forever October 1, 1978
2 The Yellow Apron October 8, 1978
3 The Wagon and the Elephant October 28, 1978
4 For as Long as the Waters Flow November 4, 1978
5 The Massacre November 11, 1978
6 The Longhorns December 3, 1978
7 The Shepherds December 10, 1978
8 The Storm January 14, 1979
9 The Crime January 21, 1979
10 The Winds of Fortune January 28, 1979
11 The Winds of Death February 3, 1979
12 The Scream of Eagles February 4, 1979

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