Blood Harvest is the nineteenth episode of the seventh season of Rawhide. It first aired on February 12, 1965.


Clete Bonner and his grandson Will are taken in by Favor and his men. Bonner is actually checking up on Cable, one of the drovers, who is really Bonner's son and Will's father, though the boy doesn't know it and Cable doesn't recognize his own father anymore. Unfortunately Cable is plotting with two other drovers to steal some horses Favor intends to purchase. - Source:




Special Guest StarEdit

Also StarringEdit

and Michael Petit as Will Bonner

Supporting CastEdit

and Richard X. Slattery as Tebbetts

Crew (and other credits)Edit

Opening CreditsEdit

Closing CreditsEdit

"A CBS Television Network Production | Filmed at CBS Studio Center, Studio City, California"


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