An Echo of Bugles is the first episode of the first season of The Loner. It first aired on September 18, 1965. 


William Colton rides into a town one month after Appomatox. Inside, there is a young man, not much more than a boy, who is talking really tough. An old man fresh out of a prison camp is there as well. The old man, Ab Nichols, fought for the Confederacy, and is offended when the young drunk, Jody Merriman, desecrates the Confederate flag. That's when Colton gets involved. As he fights for this man's honor, he remembers back to the last day of the Civil War and another young man he came face-to-face with. - Source:



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"A Greenway Production in association with Interlaken Productions and Twentieth Century-Fox Television"
"William Self in Charge of Production For Twentieth Century-Fox Television Inc."


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